Tips in Preparing Potatoes For Salads

By:  David Urmann

For most people, potato salads are favorite side dishes. There are many potato lovers out there. They continually find ways to invent new dishes for potatoes.

There so many recipes you can get about potato salads. However, there are things to consider about this type of salad:

Potato salads sometimes have ingredients that easily spoil. This is why getting the right potato is important. Idaho or Russet potato is perfect for French fries and baked potato recipes but not for boiling and making salads. The Yellow Finn, red potato and Yukon Gold are the best kinds for salad dishes. These potatoes are waxy, with a superior texture and high moisture.

The basic combination for a potato salad would be potatoes, mayonnaise or salad dressings, vegetables (such as celery and onions), eggs (optional) and seasonings. Since mayonnaise and salad dressing can easily spoil when mixed, you need to store them in a cool temperature.

When boiling the potatoes, you need to make sure you reach a certain pint before you take them out. You can either cut your potatoes prior to boiling them or you can put them in whole. For smaller pieces, boiling time is shorter. However, before placing the potatoes inside a pot with boiling water, you can add salt onto the water. You will know if the potatoes are ready when it becomes tender enough to be bitten through.

After boiling the potatoes, allow them to dry by placing them onto empty pots. Another option is to place them on top of some cookie sheets inside the oven just for a few minutes. This is very useful since it allows the seasonings, oils and dressing to sink into your potatoes later on.

Since potatoes absorb the flavor best when they are still hot, you can add the seasonings already. However, make sure you do not add anything that the heat can easily spoil. Just dab a very light blend of oil, along with some spices and herbs with the potatoes. For the case of cold salads, allow the potatoes to cool down prior to finishing your salad.

Liven up your potato salad with other ingredients you like. It highly depends on your favorite foods. You may add slices of ham, chopped carrots or raisins.

The key point in making these potato salads is to have your own set of ingredients. Make it as distinct as you can imagine and as fresh as you want it. You can make use of bacon crisps, pickle juice or even add some vinegar onto it. This is entirely up to you. Try to be as creative as possible and experiment.

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