A Traditional Polenta Recipe Straight From Italy

By:  Andrew J Smith

Polenta and Gnocchi are the most popular staples in the mountain regions of the Veneto. Our home is near Vicenza, in the heart of Veneto Italy, and here polenta is even eaten for breakfast, served in a bowl of hot milk, it is hands-down better than cornflakes for breakfast. My mother-in-law tries desperately to fatten me up every time I visit with lots of rich Polenta – she always adds the egg I mention – and enough food to feed an army.

This polenta recipe is 100% traditional.


1 ½ liters of water

500 gr of ground yellow Indian corn

salt to taste.


  •  Bring some lightly salted water to the boil
  •  Drop the corn meal into the water while mixing continually with a wooden spoon (the spoon must be wooden otherwise it effects the taste).
  •  Cook for forty minutes or until it comes away from the sides. An egg can be added to the final dish if you would like it to be a little richer.

Serve hot as a single dish or as a side to a roast.

You can also let it cool and cut into slices. You can then serve the slices with hot milk for breakfast. I can assure you that it is great and most definitely better than the porridge I grew up with.

I hope to bring you some other traditional recipes from the Vicenza area and also many others from the Veneto and Venice in future articles.

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