Save Time and Money With Lasagna on Your Menu

By:  Jacqui S Q

It is not a secret that Italian food is one of the most popular classes of food in the world and lasagna is king. Lasagna is an extremely versatile dish that can be changed and created in many new and tasty interpretations. The basic lasagna recipe calls for pasta, ground veal or ground beef, tomato sauce and ricotta cheese. This does not mean that this is the only way that people can enjoy a dish of welcome and filling lasagna.

With a lasagna recipe it is almost traditional to change bits and pieces in order to make it your own unique signature lasagna dish. This can be accomplished with small and very subtle changes in spices. You can add hot peppers, rosemary or thyme in different amounts to add a more defined taste experience. If you choose to use different meats or combinations of meats you will also be in for a splendid taste treat. Many cooks will combine ground chicken, sausage and turkey in one lasagna dish. Other cooks may choose to add vegetables instead of meats to give the meal a vegetarian flair. Even without meats you will enjoy how filling and nutritious the entire lasagna dish can be.

There is a certain depth and taste that can only be realized if you concoct your entire lasagna recipe from scratch and this is far easier to do than you may think. The preparation of the lasagna noodles is easy if you use a machine for this purpose but you can also prepare homemade lasagna noodles by hand and cut them with a knife or kitchen shears. For many cooks the idea of preparing lasagna with anything but homemade noodles is a frightful notion. Today cooks have the choice of going with the homemade lasagna noodles or using prepared lasagna noodles. You can even dash down to many of the local food marts and find some homemade noodles that you can buy if you still want to use as many of the more traditional ingredients as possible but you are pressed for time.

Lasagna is one of the few dishes that enjoy such huge acceptance in a large crowd in almost any setting. Many people will turn to a lasagna recipe when they need something for a potluck at church or school. One of the very convenient features of lasagna dishes is that they can be frozen for later use with ease. The cost is very economical as well and if you are on a budget then lasagna will be a much welcomed mealtime addition to your family table. Most kids all adore the lasagna and adults will enjoy the flavors of the dish as well.

For people who like to prepare meals in advance few other dishes can be frozen so readily as lasagna. Several pans of lasagna can be constructed in assembly line fashion and frozen quickly and you can have lasagna handy when you need it. Frozen lasagna needs to only be cooked or heated to bring back its full tasty flavor. This is another bonus to preparing homemade lasagna, you can always use it either now or later and everyone will offer raves over your great cooking ability.

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