Savor a Cup of Satisfying Sumatra Coffee By:  Jerry M Stein Full of legends and mystery, the history of Sumatra coffees is as mysterious and exciting as a cup of its delicious hot brew can be. First planted by the Dutch in the early 19th Century, these beans are knownRead More →

Instant Espresso Coffee By:  Angie Atkins Instant espresso coffee is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among coffee lovers all around the world. This is not only due to its ability to consistently deliver some of the most awesome flavors that can be found, but also in theRead More →

Enjoy Cheesecake at Your Next Neighborhood Cook-Out By:  Laura Weaver Hurricane Ike made his way up to our Midwest state, wreaking havoc in our neighborhood. Strong winds damaged roofs, scattered lawn furniture, and uprooted trees. Electric power lines were ripped from the poles when broken tree limbs fell on them.Read More →

Let Salmon Help You at the Most Crucial Moments By:  Allie Moxley There’s every reason to be crazy about Alaskan salmon, the most important of which is that it is rich in many different kinds of nutrients.?Unlike farmed salmon, wild Alaskan salmon is extraordinarily healthy and lacks virtually any harmfulRead More →

Butterfly As a Tarot Symbol By:  M Rhiane Butterflies, for centuries, have been a universal symbol for change and transformation. This is because butterflies go through a transformation process called metamorphosis, which goes through stages – from egg and larva and then to caterpillar until it becomes a full-blown butterfly.Read More →

Anti-oxidant Chocolates and Their Utility By:  Garret Lloyd Since more than one billion people are lovers of chocolates, it is no wonder that large quantities of chocolates are manufactured every day. More than 50% of the total population of the world loves chocolates or something sweet. Chocolates are said toRead More →

Low Glycemic Index Treat – Old Fashioned Root Beer! By:  Stephanie Small Old-school root beer: sassafras, allspice, ginger, wild cherry bark, vanilla beans, sarsaparilla, licorice, molassesModern-day root beer: artificial flavors, benzoate anions Side effects of old-school ingredients: detoxifies organs, purifies blood, stimulates digestion, kills bacteria, pain reliever, astringent Side effectsRead More →

Let Salmon Be Your Constant Health Companion By:  Allie Moxley A lot of people think that any old kind of salmon is good for them, which is not exactly true: the good stuff is wild, and is almost exclusively from Alaska.?Wild Alaskan salmon has to be one of the mostRead More →

Three Easy Pasta Recipes When I get home and have short time to prepare lunch, the quickest dish is always pasta. You can easily have a complete meal in 10 minutes (plus the time to boil the water).Tasty Pasta with TunaThis r  120   First Back 16 17 18Read More →