Apple Salad Recipes and the Antipasto Salad Recipe By:  Lucille Green Meals are not complete without a good salad. Antipasto salad, apple and fennel salad, and apple cider salad are 3 delicious salads that are easy and quick to prepare. Here are the 3 recipes for you to try atRead More →

The Beginner’s Guide to Espresso Machines By:  Katya Coen Baristas are trained in the art of making the perfect espresso. It requires a lot of patience and practice and is not easy to master. However, there is an easier way. An espresso machine. They make espresso a much simpler beverageRead More →

Valentines and Comparing Chocolate By:  Sharon Cacho Valentines Day brings thoughts of bouquets of flowers, special dinners and candy. Chocolate candy is nostalgic and a great way to say “I’m sorry”, or “I love you.” Which is the most popular chocolate? White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? White chocolateRead More →

The Best Boneless Buffalo Wings By:  Paul Papantonio Buffalo Wings have become an extremely popular appetizer here in the US. They are usually ordered mild, medium, or hot. People have different thresholds for heat, and there are some that enjoy pushing the boundaries to the point of tears and profuseRead More →

The Beginner’s Guide to Espresso By:  Katya Coen Espresso is just strong coffee. If this is your idea about what this drink is then you haven’t had a good espresso. It is slightly thicker than coffee with a caramel or reddish-brown foam called the cream on top. It is enjoyedRead More →

A Quick and Easy Way to Fillet Salmon By:  Allie Moxley Salmon fillets are sections of salmon that have been separated from the ribs and the backbone, giving you two good portions of boneless meat. Fillets make for a great presentation at a dinner party and they are easy toRead More →

Slicing and Dicing Salmon For Steaks By:  Allie Moxley Salmon steaks are somewhat similar to fillets, however, fillets are actually cut lengthwise, between the meat and the bones and steaks are cut across the fish with bones included. They are great for making a wide variety dishes and they areRead More →

Dessert Recipe – Let Them Eat Chocolate Cake By:  Tracy Falbe Baking a really good chocolate cake from scratch is not difficult. Anyone with rudimentary skills in the kitchen can manage it. Cake mixes are good, but with a little extra effort, you can make a cake the old fashionedRead More →