How to Develop Your Psychic Powers

How to Develop Your Psychic Powers
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How to Develop Your Psychic Powers

By:  Pauline Stradlen

What is psychic development? Is it the same as spiritual development? I’ve had many people tell me that they are ‘very spiritual’, but when I ask them what they mean by this it normally turns out that what they mean is they are ‘very psychic’.what does the word spiritual really mean, and in what way does spiritual awakening relate to your psychic development?

Spiritual awakening suggests to me that you develop a deeper awareness of God or a creator. This does not necessarily mean you have become more Psychic, or you have developed your psychic abilities in some way. I think it is more important that you develop a deeper awareness of other people and all life in general, then a belief in a particular religion.

Once you have embarked on a process of psychic development, you will also develop a deeper spiritual understanding. With this understanding your psychic abilities will become more powerful. The path to psychic development can be long and arduous, at the very beginning you should look out for a spirit guide or mentor to help you along the way.

There may be points along the journey where you think you have reached the end, you may feel this is a satisfactory point in your development. However, you must not become complacent and start to think that there is no need to continue your training and development. We need to continue learning and training to maintain the strength of our psychic abilities.

Regardless of where in our psychic development journey we are, there will always be new powers to take and new lessons to learn. You may find that you will need to modify your training to suit your new psychic abilities, or integrate more advanced training to increase your powers. It is at this point that you will need to follow your intuition, is make sure that you exercise the mind as much as possible. The more you use it the more powerful it will become.