Cheesecake is the Ultimate Camping Treat

By:  Laura Weaver

Let me tell you how cheesecake has become an integral part of our camping experience. We love to camp. There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors. The feeling of breathing fresh air is exhilarating. Watching nighttime stars shimmering and glimmering in the distance, light-years away, is such a peaceful experience. The moon shining brilliantly overhead, illuminates the surrounding landscape. Listening to the hoot of owls and crickets chirping as darkness falls is highly anticipated and calming. The alternating blinking of lightning bugs is a familiar nightly summer sight. Sleep comes easily and is so peaceful that the phrase “sleep like a log” has true meaning.

A successful camping trip requires planning. Packing items for different weather conditions is crucial. Making sure all the camping gear is in working order is definitely a high priority. Menu planning is equally important. Deciding which foods are needed for each meal is the secret to packing successfully, as groceries are often not available on camping trips. It is important to take all the foods needed for your camping excursion and re-use leftovers wisely. For instance, bacon fried for breakfast can also be crumbled up in baked beans for dinner.

We usually choose dinner foods that can be cooked around the campfire. Campfires are a camping tradition. The aroma of wood-burning smoke that permeates the nostrils and infiltrates your hair and clothing is as much a part of camping as waves are to boating. It’s an expected aspect. The camaraderie of lining folding chairs around the campfire, singing campfire songs, and telling campfire stories are an eagerly anticipated part of camping.

Our campfire dinners often consist of hot dogs cooked on sticks; a pot of barbecue baked beans hanging on the tri-pod over the open fire. Or, we have what we call “Hobo Stew”, which is simply a hamburger patty surrounded by thin slices of potatoes and onion and a spoonful of baked beans wrapped tightly in an aluminum foil packet and placed at the edge of the campfire, turning several times until cooked.

Dessert while camping is an extra-special treat. Here’s where the cheesecake fits in. Cheesecake is easy to pack as it fits well into a cooler. It can be cut into serving slices or simply shared by the spoonful. It can be taken frozen and thaws along the way. It stays fresh in the cooler throughout the camping trip. Cheesecake can be “doctored up” simply by drizzling chocolate or caramel syrup over it for a delightful taste treat. Sometimes chunks of juicy, ripe fruit are the perfect topping for New York Style cheesecake.

And best of all, leftover cheesecake can be eaten for breakfast with a steaming cup of coffee, or even for lunch, as well as for dessert. It is filling, satisfying, and a special camping treat.

We often get to know our fellow-campers. We give camping ideas, solve camping problems, tell camping stories, and often share campfire food. Our fellow-campers always enjoy our special cheesecake treat. Move over S’mores…campsite cheesecake is here to stay…at least as far as our camping goes.

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