Salmon is Versatile Enough to Rise to Any Culinary Challenge

By:  Allie Moxley

There are just too many great properties to salmon, and that’s why everybody throughout the country and world is craving salmon all the time. The popularity of this fish, available to us primarily thanks to the abundant and sustainable fisheries of Alaska, where it is harvested wild and out in the ocean, has soared over the last few years, mainly because of its exquisite taste, texture, and superior nutritional content. Though many people think that salmon is only good when fresh, canned salmon is incredibly delicious and versatile, too, and can be used for many kinds of inventions, like a canned salmon stir fry.

The trick when preparing a stir fry with canned salmon is that you want to avoid overcooking the meat, either turning it into an unrecognizable paste or a piece of rubber in the process. Canned salmon from Alaska, in addition to being wild (which means it contains none of those nasty properties of farm raised salmon, like PCBs, artificial colorings, higher fat levels, etc.), is usually pressure cooked in the can with a little additional water and salt: this means you can even eat it straight out of the can. Therefore, when preparing a canned salmon stir fry, add it to the preparation towards the end, only heating it during the last few minutes.

One great way to prepare a healthy and delicious stir fry with canned salmon goes like this: heat a wok over a medium high flame for a minute, and add a healthy splash (roughly a ¼ cup) of oil (lower the heat if using olive oil, as its smoking point is lower than regular vegetable oil); add a few cloves of diced garlic and a bit of grated ginger root, with onions, red peppers, and zucchini cut julianne-style. Let this cook for about 2 minutes, tossing constantly to prevent it from burning, and once the veggies start to brown at the edges throw a splash of rice wine (or chardonnay wine, if you don’t have rice wine), and then add the meat from a can of salmon at the end (you should previously remove any bones or skin if they come in the can, which is obviously not necessary when buying skinless and boneless canned salmon). Serve alongside some jasmine rice or rice noodles, and simply adjust the salt level if necessary (perhaps with soy sauce), and the result is a perfectly delectable canned salmon stir fry.

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