Salmon is Great, in More Ways Than You’re Aware Of

By:  Allie Moxley

There are so many great ways to eat salmon that there’s really no way to ever get bored of it. That, and the fact that salmon is tremendously healthy for our bodies (with a concentrated mix of proteins, omega fatty acids, and other minerals), and you have every reason to include salmon in your diet as regularly and comprehensively as possible. Don’t limit yourself to when salmon is available fresh, which is only a part of the year; eat it all year round, by buying canned salmon (which, coincidentally, contains all the same great nutritional value). Of the different kinds of canned salmon you can buy, the most versatile and practical is boneless canned salmon, since you have to do absolutely nothing to it other than remove the lid to eat it.

Canned salmon may be poached, it may be cold-smoked, it may be hot smoked, it may be conserved in fresh water or in the juices it was cooked in, it may have oil added, and it will likely have some salt added. What canned salmon does not have-at least when it is wild and from Alaska, the best possible kind of salmon-is the PCBs and other dangerous components that farmed salmon has, so it is always important to make sure you’re buying wild canned salmon. Each of the different styles of preparation mentioned above can also be rendered into boneless canned salmon, which is great since the gamut of flavors is broader.

All canned salmon is cooked already, so you can eat it right out of the can. The great thing is that if it’s boneless, you can literally remove the lid and dig in, not having to remove the bones and getting all messy in the process (or mushing them in with the meat, thereby losing the texture). In fact, simply opening up some boneless canned salmon and eating it with cheese and crackers is delicious, though it is also simple and delicious to add it to salads and stir fries. Really, there are a ton of ways to prepare boneless salmon right out of the can or included in elaborate dishes, and you should experiment and discover just how versatile this exceptional product of the Alaskan fisheries is.

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