Let Salmon Be Your Constant Health Companion

By:  Allie Moxley

A lot of people think that any old kind of salmon is good for them, which is not exactly true: the good stuff is wild, and is almost exclusively from Alaska.?Wild Alaskan salmon has to be one of the most exceptional sources of balanced, effective nutrition known to science, rich in excellent proteins and omega fatty acids that keep our bodies strong and healthy.?Due to the strong regulation and sustainability of Alaskan fisheries, and the fact that the ecosystems that Alaskan salmon are being harvested in are still quite pristine, there’s no need to fear contamination in wild Alaskan salmon.?And yes, even when it’s in a can, so no more having to worry, as many people worry with most canned foods, is canned salmon good for you??The plain answer is that when it’s from Alaska, yes, it is.

Farm raised salmon-which comes from a variety of locations throughout the country, but normally not Alaska-is what people need to be looking out for, because it has a much higher fat content, and even has significant and harmful traces of industrial chemicals like PCBs, which are to be found in most soils nationwide, in addition to lacking the great taste and texture of wild salmon.?Whenever you buy salmon, whether it’s at the store or at a restaurant, be sure to ask or check what kind of salmon it is, and if you’re conscious of your health, only choose Alaskan.

And so that the people wondering is canned salmon good for you know, the nutritional value of salmon is virtually unaltered whether fresh or canned-all the omega 3s, the concentrated proteins, the minerals are there.

What canned salmon may have is a slightly elevated sodium content, but since salmon is so overloaded in goodness, you don’t have to eat too much of it to get all the benefits; that way, you don’t have to go consuming more salt than you need or want.?Canned salmon can come poached, cold-smoked or heat-smoked, and in every instance it is simply delicious.?All the varieties are not only delicious, however, and all people wondering is canned salmon good for you, even in all its varieties, the answer is simply yes, yes yes!

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