Let Salmon Help You at the Most Crucial Moments

By:  Allie Moxley

There’s every reason to be crazy about Alaskan salmon, the most important of which is that it is rich in many different kinds of nutrients.?Unlike farmed salmon, wild Alaskan salmon is extraordinarily healthy and lacks virtually any harmful chemicals or preservatives.?In fact, the Alaskan fisheries are among the healthiest and most uncontaminated in the world, and eating Alaskan seafood-Alaskan wild salmon in particular-is simply great for us.?Even canned salmon, which is always wild when packed in Alaska, is extraordinarily healthy, and since it is easier to come by than fresh salmon for most people, it is a good idea to eat plenty of it.?At the moments our bodies most need effective nutrition, it’s just a good idea to eat salmon, which is why canned salmon and pregnancy are a good match.

Pregnant women have the responsibility of cramming in as much healthy, balanced foods as they can during their nine month gestation.?Many women (and men, too) worry about certain kinds of food and the effects they may have on a pregnant woman’s body and the baby’s, too, and canned foods in particular have a reputation of not being the healthiest.?However, as long as you make sure that the canned salmon you are buying says that it is from Alaska, you can rest assured that it is perfectly healthy for you, with no artificial preservatives included, meaning canned salmon and pregnancy are perfectly compatible, and even highly recommendable.

Alaskan canned salmon is pressure cooked already in the can with added water and/or oil, which completely eliminates any potential contamination of the contents.?With nothing more than a pinch of salt to help preserve the meat for longer, the contents are completely natural-and delicious.?Some canned salmon comes boneless and skinless, whereas other comes with the skin and bones; generally, the bones are very fine, and able to be mushed up with the meat, being completely edible.?In fact, with the bones there is a significant increase in the calcium content, which will help a baby’s development; just another reason why canned salmon and pregnancy are entirely complementary.?

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