Is Burr Grinder Coffee a Better Coffee?

By:  Ebenezer Heng

Some of you might have heard people talking about burr grinder coffee about it being better and tastier. And if you are wondering if all these talks are true -it is.

Coffee that is brewed using the burr grinder because of its even and consistent grind would ensure that the brew would not be over or under extracted. It is this consistent and even grind that people all over the world are choosing the grinder.

The other factor that leads to the popularity of this grinder are the lesser heat generated when grinding. The less heat the grinding operation is, the more flavor can be retained within the coffee ground.

Of course, when we say that this grinder is better, we are comparing it to the blade grinder. This is the grinder that would give you very coarse and uneven grind. And as it also generates a lot of heat while grinding, some flavor would be lost during the grinding process.

Making such a comparison, you would definitely be careful when choosing the grinder for your own usage. The fact is, not many people grind their own coffee and for those that do, there is no cause for worry too.

This is because for those espresso machines that has their own build in grinder, most of them are burr. Espresso maker companies took great pains to building and marketing their own line of machines, and the last thing they want is to have uneven ground ruining their coffee.

The fact is, most of the blade grinder are sold stand alone and not many people would purchase them as the coffee maker either already come with it or people simply buy coffee grounds off the shelve.

The fact is, coffee using burr is indeed better and the good news is most of the coffee are actually done using this grinder.

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