Healthy Chocolates and Their Uses

By:  Garret Lloyd

Why do we need to eat healthy chocolates? The main reason might be that we want ourselves to be more healthy and fit. Nobody wants to fall sick and it is painful even to see patient suffering from chronic heart diseases. Many kinds of pulmonary diseases are also equally fatal. If a patient suffers from some hereditary disease then of course it is not in our hands to prevent it, but we try to do o in out own way by finding medicines and herbs which prevents heart ailments. Scientists have found a special substance called catechins in chocolates which are able to prevent heart, skin and pulmonary diseases.

It is not available in any other form of chocolate except the dark variety. Dark chocolates contain a special substance called cocoa by which heart diseases can be prevented. The available catechins in dark chocolates may prevent blood coagulation and strokes. The amount of flavonoids (anti oxidizing agent) in dark chocolates is far more than found in milk chocolates. It is even said that dark chocolates contains 3 times the amount of flavonoids as found in green tea.

Research says that dark chocolates comprise 8 times more flavonoids than flavonoid rich fruit strawberry. Thus the nutritional value of dark chocolates is extremely high. It is considered to reduce the blood pressure level by minimizing the unhealthy substances of blood and thus prevents unnecessary clotting. Another essential property of dark chocolate is prevention of heart diseases. Dark chocolates are essentially used to prevent diseases of the immune system.

The immune system of human body is susceptible to various kinds of diseases. Especially when pollution has engulfed the entire surface of the earth leading to melting down of snow caps and consequent global warming, immune system is the worst hit. Many a times, fatal diseases are encountered with. The chocolates consist of those healthy substances which are considered to prevent nerve diseases and prevent problems of the immune system. For the pregnant mothers the healthy chocolates comes as a special boon. It helps them to deliver healthy babies without chronic diseases and with a healthy immune system.

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