5 Chocolate Ideas For Valentine’s Day

By:  Paul Symonds

Valentines Day comes annually as do the decision we have to make with what to buy our partner. There are so many possibilities and thinking of something new is not always easy. Below 5 ideas of how you can include chocolate as part of your Valentines gift.

1. A qualify box of Dark Chocolate is a gift which if given also with a bunch of red roses is a gift sure to please most women. Dark chocolate offers even stronger and aromatic smells than plain chocolate and it is hard to go wrong with this type of gift. This is also a gift which is affordable and relatively easy to buy.

2. If you are your partner enjoy playing board games and if you are planning a romantic night in for Valentine’s night, then how about Chocopoly. This is a variation of Monopoly but the chocolate version and ideal for the big night. You get to eat chocolate and to enjoy the theme: Ideal also with a nice bottle of wine and dimmed lights.

3. Chocolate massage is becoming more and more popular and booking your partner into a local spa centre of massage centre, where this form of massage is offered, can be an ideal gift. Sessions tend to last for 30 to 60 minutes and this type of massage is considered by many to be even more enjoyable other forms because of the added aromatic smells which can be enjoyed.

4. Perhaps one of the best and mot impressive ways to impress your partner, if you can afford it, is to book two or three days in the world’s first chocolate hotel. Based in Perugia in Northern Italy, this hotel offers quite an amazing experience. The food and menus, the colour of the rooms, the shop theme and many other parts of the hotel are all based on chocolate. This is a real fun way to spend a few days and Italy offers a great romantic getaway location. Perugia in its own right is a lovely city and you cannot really go wrong with this idea if you can afford it.

5. Taking your partner on a chocolate making workshop could also be a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. As well as tastings and lessons in the art of making and presenting chocolates, there is also the social side of the trip whereby you meet lots of interesting people over the course of a weekend. This can be a real fun gift and a great weekend getaway.

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