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Tex-mex Chicken Salad Perfect For Hot Summer Days

For a new twist on a chicken salad, try this Tex-Mex Chicken Salad. With a refreshing combination of salad greens, veggies, and grilled chicken tossed with your own home-made lime vinaigrette, it is p

How to Make the Freshest Salads

When shopping for salad ingredients look for fresh, crisp greens. Pass up any with withered leaves, brown or yellow edges, or slimy spots. Salad greens are highly perishable, so buy at a market that k

Power Salads - Fact Or Fiction?

We've all been told to eat our veggies. We've all been told raw veggies are better than cooked veggies. Let's take a look at the salad and see if it really is a power food.With raw vegetables being so

Gelatin Salads For Hot Summer Days - Suitable For Diabetics, Too!

What could be more refreshing on hot summer days than a cool gelatin salad? Here in North Texas we are experiencing several consecutive days of triple digit temperatures. And I know many of you are al

Food and Drink Paradise - Tomato Red Or Onion White?

Which colour you like the most? Tomato red or Onion white?Today the English teacher is not present. You are just standing outside of a classroom, waiting for your child. You see a group of children ar

Apple Salad Recipe From Rome - Did You Know How Gorgeous This Italian Apple Salad Is?

This apple salad recipe is called Insalata di mele alla romana in Italian.When I learned this apple salad recipe I was told it had its origin in Rome, the modern town, not old Rome. I love its simplic

Green Moong Dal Sprouted Salad

Diet plays an important role in determining one's health. Taking a balanced and nutritious diet can provide the health benefits to a person. Food is a very important part of any holiday, picnic party,
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