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When is a Psychic Not Being Truthful?

We all love to go to psychics and hear what our future has in store for us. But how do we know that the psychic is giving us genuine information and not just feeding us false information? There are

Psychic Readings Explained - A Guide to Understanding Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is an attempt to gain information by using ESP or any other psychic means. A medium is sometimes used to help with the reading. There are many methods for readings. They can be done

Tarot Cards History Explained - A Guide to Understanding the History of Tarot Cards

The word 'tarot' is commonly believed to have originated from the Arab word 'turuq', meaning four ways. Tarot cards are a system of divination, which means to foretell or predict the future.Tarot car

Tarot Basics - A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Tarot

When you first begin to read tarot cards, the only way to start understanding the meaning, is by looking at a book, on a website or learning from someone. This is a great way to learn about tarot card

Why Choose Tarot?

My three Chinese wise men The Chums said this of the Tarot.
Tarot represents the Omens. A Tarot spread is akin to a gathering of the wise old women and men of the tribe who come together to examine t

The Top 5 Tests That Acknowledge Psychic Power

1. Psychic ability has always been checked through various acceptable methods such as proper trails and examinations which have included disasters and mayhems being thrown upon psychics such as attack

Numerology and Compatibility - Finding a Good Place to Live

Do you sometimes feel that you are living in the wrong place? Have you moved to a new city or state and found that you just didn't fit into that new job or school? Numerology tells us that just as peo
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