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Super Food Healthy Breakfast - Jump Start the Day For Pennies

How do we feed a family of 4-6 these days? There is no excuse for letting anyone out of the house to start the day without getting a Super Food healthy breakfast. More so if you are on a tight budget

The Best Boneless Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings have become an extremely popular appetizer here in the US. They are usually ordered mild, medium, or hot. People have different thresholds for heat, and there are some that enjoy pushing

Simple Lemon Cordial Recipe

Lemon cordial is a lovely refreshing summer-time soft drink. It is simple to prepare and requires no artificial preservatives so long as you sterilise the finished cordial in its bottles. You can use

Quick and Easy Salmon Recipes - Healthy and Tasty Meals For Busy People on the Go

It isn't easy these days to find the time to serve your family healthy, nutritious meals. Quick and easy salmon recipes are a great choice for busy people on the go. Salmon is not only delicious but i

Quick and Easy Pizza Recipes

Who has not eaten a pizza? Living in the US, you surely have but did you ever wonder how it is made? Well there are quick and easy recipes that you can make. The only way you can do it is by having th

A Traditional Polenta Recipe Straight From Italy

Polenta and Gnocchi are the most popular staples in the mountain regions of the Veneto. Our home is near Vicenza, in the heart of Veneto Italy, and here polenta is even eaten for breakfast, served in

Bake at Home Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies - Remember to Read All the Words - Just Bake Man, Bake

If you don't bake much or are getting started, a word of reassurance...if you read all the words in the recipe and follow directions [this may be easier for some husbands than other folks] will
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