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What is a Crystal Pendulum?

Pendulums have been used for centuries as a way of divining. Pendulums are often made out of crystal or precious and semi-precious stones. A crystal pendulum is a popular type of pendulum. It is both

The Tarot - Book of Divination of Gypsies

Wikipedia: The Tarot (also known as tarocchi, tarock or similar names) is a set of cards typically featuring twenty one trump cards, the fool, and an extra face card per suit, in addition to the usual

Experiencing Tarot Reading

Many people, especially women, are very fond of tarot cards. Tarot cards make people dream big and are hopeful of attaining what they want to have. Sometimes, the only thing a person can count on is t

Psychic Phenomenon and the Sedona Vortex Experience - Part 1

Vortices are essentially invisible energy spiraling up from the planet. They are found all over the world and are felt and seen by individuals with extra sensory perception and similar talent. One do

Should You Get a Phone Psychic Reading?

Thinking about getting a free phone psychic reading? Think about this: All of us eventually come across questions and situations that are greater than ourselves. Questions and situations that require

Where to Look For Tarot Cards

When you need to buy something, you usually already know where to look. If there are items that are hard to find, you can always ask around. Finding stores that have specialty items like tarot cards i

Psychic Consulting and Healing

A person gifted with psychic powers can explain, understand or feel a force using the ESP which is also called the extra sensory perception or the sixth sense. This power is used to raise the levels o
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