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How Accurate Are Face Readings?

Face reading is the practice of determining another's personality and characteristics from looking at the features of their face. The reader takes into account the shape of the face, the hairline, the

What is the Meaning of a Talisman?

Talismans are objects that are imbued with energy or magical powers. It can be a special object that is made especially for protection, prosperity, to secure love or other purpose, or it can be an eve

Cheiromancy - What You Can Expect

Cheiromancy is telling a person's future by reading their palms. The lines of the palm are said to foretell things about our lives like our health, challenges and relationships. The lines of the palm

What Are the Major Chakras?

Chakras are energy centres in the body. There are seven major chakras located in the body. Each one has special attributes that help the body use energy most effectively.The Root Chakra is associated

Numerology and Your Health - Guarding Against Illness

No one can put a price tag on good health. If you knew that you were likely to develop certain kinds of health problems, wouldn't you do a better job guarding against those ills? Numerology tells us t

Psychic Insights and Astrology For Fall 2008

The psychic pictograph illustrating the essence and highlights of Fall 2008 is called "The Changing of the Guard", showing change happens through the implosion of the guard - their loss of power. It b

Psychic Power Tests Confirm Your Intuition

It is said that most people have some psychic awareness or power, even if they don't or won't recognize it as such. But if you don't want to write off 'coincidences' or feelings as just 'one of those
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