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Personal Development - How To Heal Your Psychic Self

Today's way of life threatens individual psyche, or psychic self. When a person's psychic self begins to deteriorate, they also begin to lose the ability to make the right choices and decisions, to di

How to Develop Your Psychic Powers

What is psychic development? Is it the same as spiritual development? I've had many people tell me that they are 'very spiritual', but when I ask them what they mean by this it normally turns out that

How Do Tarot Symbols Work?

Many people nowadays have heard of or even practiced tarot reading, but not many of them truly understand how tarot symbols actually work.Tarot cards consist of symbols, images, colors, elements, numb

The Light In Our Lives

So often in this life we take for granted our basic needs to survive, such as the air we breathe, not to mention the other very important ingredient LIGHT.It is no coincidence that our lungs are calle

Butterfly As a Tarot Symbol

Butterflies, for centuries, have been a universal symbol for change and transformation. This is because butterflies go through a transformation process called metamorphosis, which goes through stages

Psychic Chat Online - Spiritual Nature of Shamans

Understanding Psychic divination must be thought in a manner, that it is nothing new. In our modern lives when there is a mention of a person who claims that he or she is a psychic, brings froth a tho

Fresh Home Cured Olives

Being from a Greek family and my wife's step father being Italian we both enjoy some good olives when we can find them. Usually we like those that are still in the brine and not so much the ones that
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