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Paella, the Queen of Spanish Dishes

Paella is a traditional recipe of Spain, but there are almost as many variations as there are regions in Spain. And one is more delicious than the next. Paella is made with either seafood, chicken or

Orecchiette Alle Cime Di Rapa

The prescription for typical excellence of the Apulia is "Orecchiette alle cime di rapa".We begin with the ingredients of the prescription for four persons:3 segments of garlic extra oil d’oliva ver

Macaroni and Cheese, Dressed Up

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a child who did not like macaroni and cheese. As a mom, it’s a quick and easy lunch or dinner for the kids, but not a personal favorite to serve adults.Here are several i

Pasta Salad Basics

Whatever type of pasta you have in your cupboard, from spaghetti to rigatoni or even that old box of macaroni and cheese, you can create a great salad in the time it takes the pasta to cook and cool.

How to Keep Spaghetti From Falling Through the Grill

Now that I got your attention lets talk about some Great Italian Grilling to start off the
Summer. Unfortunately it does not include grilled spaghetti though spaghetti squash is always an option. Thi

Five Great Pasta Dishes For Students To Microwave

Pasta is one of the great energy foods in the world and great quick meal can be knocked out in your microwave in no time at all. Cooking pasta in a microwave oven is extremely easy and with the versat

Dining Out At Home

I really enjoy eating at nice restaurants. Not because I don't enjoy cooking, but more to the point, I enjoy good food. I was working in a small Oregon town for a while and found myself hard presse
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