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No Sugar Added Oatmeal Cookies For the Diabetics and Dieters

Are you promising yourself to start the new year on a healthier note? Maybe you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed as a diabetic or perhaps you just wish to cut down on the sugar in your fami

Ordering the Perfect Cake

If you want to have the perfect cake for your event or birthday, but are less than a whiz in the kitchen, you may want to consider ordering the perfect cake from your local bakery. Specialty bakeries

Oh So Good - Old Fashion Praline Wafer Dessert

This dessert recipe will definitely impress your family, friends, co-workers, mother-in-law, etc. They will think you really worked hard but you and I know differently and guess what--I'll never tell!

Old Fashion Lemon Meringue Pie and Never Fail Pie Dough Recipes

Don't be intimated by just the thought of making pie dough. It really can be easy. And to prove that point, below you will find the recipe for Mrs. Olive's Never Fail Pie Dough. Mrs. Olive was an elde

Is This Your First One? Or Is Cake Decorating Your Pride?

What is going to be your decision? You need to bake a cake for a special event. You really feel you can handle the situation. Still in the back of your mind you keep thinking about going down and purc

Diabetic Desserts - Enjoying Desserts and Staying Healthy

I only recently discovered Diabetic Desserts and would like to encourage as many people as possible to consider adding these to their diets. It doesn't matter whether you are diabetic or not, by consi

Old Fashion Pie Recipes - Impossible Coconut, Sugar, and Apple-Pecan

Love those old-fashion pies that were always at grandma's house! One of the best things about visiting my grandmother's old-fashion kitchen with it's huge old metal wood cookstove was the wonderful ba
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