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How to Express Your Creativity Through Cake Decorating

A hobby redefines your skill and is also a way of expressing your creativity. Cake decorating is among the hobby that is very rewarding and offers lot of enjoyment. You can even turn it into a profita

Easy Apple Cobbler With a Pie Dough Crust

Warm apple cobbler and ice cream. Doesn't that almost make your mouth water? During this time of Presidential change-over what could be more patriotic than a good apple cobbler to enjoy as you watch a

What Tools Do I Need For Cake Decorating?

You can start your cake decorating with icing tips, cake pans, mixer, icing bags, royal icing recipes, metal spatulas for icing, and mixing bowls. With the experience that you have, you may be ready f

South American Famous Dessert - Dulce De Leche

Dulce de leche is a favorite in most South American countries. It can be eaten as a dessert, as part of a dessert, filling cakes, topping cakes, as candy, over toasts, over loaves of bread, with crack

What to Look For in a Healthy Dessert Cookbook

People are becoming more health conscious and for good reason. Being careless about food and nutrition not only can affect your weight and body image, but also poses serious health risks. Lifestyle-re

Top Tips For Cupcake Designs

Cupcakes have certainly progressed from the little tea treats that we used to bake and decorate with Mom. Today's cupcake designs are trendy and stylish, fun and humorous - just whatever takes your fa

Cake Decorating Supplies - An Overview

If you ask any average person on the street whether she knows how to bake cakes, you will, in all probabilities be answered to, in the assertive. But the fact is that possibly none of them have any ac
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