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Fabulous Guilt-Free Desserts - All-Natural, Low Glycemic, and Fail-Proof

By:  Cheryl Patrick White

I'm a "sweetsaholic"??But, I'm also becoming more and more conscious of what this means to me health-wise, so I constantly look for the guilt-free sweets.?You know, ones that have all-natural ingredients without a zillion calories.?There's the problem... healthy desserts are hard to find.?So, when someone tells me that they have recipes for fabulous desserts that are all-natural, low in sugar AND easy to make, I tend to be a little skeptical.

I'm no dummy, I notice the other people standing in line at Starbucks, and I can't ignore the fact that the majority of us are carrying around a few extra pounds... some more than others. In addition to the extra weight, a huge percentage of us are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or have other major health issues related to our eating habits.

As a result of our addiction, one of the biggest challenges we face everyday, and especially during the holidays, is finding a way to enjoy the cookies, cakes and other goodies that we are bombarded with, without feeling guilty, knowing that you're just adding more fat around the middle.?If you refuse to join the festivities you're considered a health freak, and if you do indulge, you spend hours trying to rationalize what you've done.

Well, it's unlikely that we'll give up sweets longterm, so we need to find some workable solutions.?We need to come up with some "guilt-free desserts" that are delicious, low-glycemic (for the diabetics), all-natural, fail-proof and (shhhh... don't tell anyone), HEALTHY.?At this point, you're probably wondering exactly how we are going to do that.?/p>

The first and worst obstacle we face is to find some healthy alternatives to the sugar issue.?After all, desserts aren't really decadent if they aren't sweet. Remember, we want desserts that are very low in sugar (low-glycemic) so even the folks with diabetes can indulge, but that still taste perfectly delicious.?/p>

Your local health food store offers desserts and mixes that might use natural, organic ingredients, but they still use sugar in one form or another.?It may be listed as "evaporated cane juice" or "organic sugar" or "brown rice syrup"... but it's still SUGAR!

Then there are the so-called DIET desserts and mixes at the grocery store that don't have sugar, but the chemical sweeteners in them taste awful... and are even WORSE for your health.?I still haven't figured out why the FDA?hasn't banned them.

Mother Nature To The Rescue...There are several all-natural sugar substitutes on the market these days that come straight from Mother Nature's own kitchen and actually provide health benefits that go beyond just basic nutrition.


I have found some dessert recipes that are absolutely fabulous, guilt-free and fail-proof to make.牋 There's a peanut butter cookie recipe that only has four ingredients and flour is not one of them.?Some of the best and easiest ones provide more fiber than a bowl of whole grain cereal, and more protein than a piece of chicken, but have less sugar than an apple.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Instead of being the party health freak, why not be the sweets "Super Star".?I'm constantly asked to provide my mouth-watering desserts for all sorts of parties and get-togethers.?I even give them as gifts.?With the economy what it is, that's a great idea that you can use too.?/p>

There isn't a reason in the world, why YOU can't enjoy these low glycemic and all natural, guilt-free desserts.?/p>

What are you waiting for??/p>

The recipes are simple, so you don't have to be a super chef, or spend hours in the kitchen preparing them.?And if you don't tell... most folks will never know that your desserts are all-natural and actually GOOD for them.