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Cake Decorating - Icing For Decorations

By:  Sandra Nguyen

It can be difficult to choose what medium to decorate with. Fondant is highly popular but quite expensive. Moreover, let's face it - fondant is not for beginners. I learned the hard way after wasting a lot of it. When it comes to cake decorating, icing is used to make many decorations from flowers to specialty designs or borders. Just icing the cake is an issue for many novices. You probably relate to having had some issue with icing and that is common. What you need to do is go talk with others and get their advice, tips and tricks too.

Cookbooks, kits and a monthly email newsletter are not going to help you much. Yummy Arts can though and when you visit, you'll see why and how. Just try and imagine one site, one community that has literally everything you need. You can go and get your ideas, then you can watch a video and learn or enhance a skill, then you can talk with others along the way, or email for support and answers. Then you can post your finished creation for everyone to see, talk about and learn from. You won't need another resource of any kind, jut a lot of time to practice cake decorating; icing included.

I know you're probably like me and have to see for yourself and seeing is believing when it comes to cake decorating. I can't imagine what you could do to a professional portfolio if you have Yummy Arts as your secret weapon, but those that are professional attest to the substantial rise in orders and income. I encourage you to do yourself a favor and invest one time in one resource. You'll get all you want and more, including that gorgeous cake you're about to make and decorate. Good luck.