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Why Canned Salmon Fits the Bill

Salmon has got to be one of the most popular products of the sea, and as science has revealed to society some of the health benefits of salmon over the last few decades, the dish has taken on even mor

Enjoying Salmon - Fresh From the Unspoiled Waters of Alaska to Your Dinner Plate

Wild Alaskan salmon is a vitamin rich, omega-3 fatty acid filled fish that can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. It's also incredibly easy to prepare, for those who are always on the go and haven

Amplifying Your Salmon Options

Thankfully, even when we don't have fresh salmon available at the supermarket, there are still many ways to enjoy the splendid taste of salmon: by eating it out of the can.?Though obviously having fre

Fresh From the Bering Sea to Your Table, Pollock is a Versatile Mealtime Option

Alaska has over 34,000 thousand miles of rugged coastlines. Its icy waters are home to countless shellfish, whitefish, and salmon. But of all the delicious seafood living in Alaska, Fresh Pollock is t

Defining and Enjoying Sustainable Seafood Never Tasted So Good!

Similar to buying organic or fair-trade, buying ocean-friendly seafood is a choice that can make a difference today and tomorrow (especially when made en masse). The sustainable seafood definition of

Help Crab Reach Its Full Potential in the Kitchen and in the Environment

Alaska is home to some delicious oceanic treasures such as salmon and crab, but both of these populations have known hard times. Through hatcheries the salmon population was able to make a beautiful c

From Fish Sticks to Sushi Rolls, Learn About the Culinary Diversity of Pollock

Traditionally the breaded goodness inside fish sticks and fish and chips has been Atlantic cod, but due to the declining health of the fish in these waters attention has shifted to the Pacific Ocean f
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