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The Carrot Porridge Story

Carrot is one of the vegetables that can be called an universal vegetable. If one tries carrot can be grown in any part of the world. There are however many individuals who just barely use it because

The Fantastic Properties of Copper Cookware

Copper is held in high esteem in the arena of cookware and kitchens due to its high conductivity. Copper has a multitude of properties that makes it suitable and preferred for use in cooking. Due to t

Lavender - Try it in the Kitchen For a Beautiful Flavor

Lavender was popular among the pre-Christian Greeks and Romans as a scent for baths and soaps. During the Dark Ages when people forgot to wash for about 500 years, lavender moved into obscurity, but T

The Microwave and the Freezer

The microwave and the freezer are perfect partners. Both help to keep flavour, texture and vitamin loss in foods to a minimum and both are great time-savers as well being economical. The great advanta

How to Can Salmon Using an Electric Portable Burner

Learning how to can salmon is relatively easy following these simple steps outlined below with using an electric portable burner to save your self some stove top space.First of all we have our salmon

Cook Ahead to Save Time and Money

When budgeting, saving time is a consideration for the frugal as is saving cash. It's important to do both. One way to save both time and money is to organize your schedule and your pantry and begin t

Easy Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners

Beautiful cakes are not just for big bucks on extra-special occasions. You can learn easy cake decorating ideas that you can do yourself to make even an ordinary boxed cake mix look extraordinary. Wit
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