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How to Cook Salmon Steaks

If you ask most salmon-loving people how to cook a salmon steak, there is just one answer: grill it. However, how to grill a salmon steak depends on one's cooking preferences, though many a griller (e

Grilling Salmon - Your Ticket to Great Taste

Because of Salmon's fat content; it is the perfect fish for grilling, as it will not dry out like other fish. There are few foods whose inherent flavor is equally matched by its inherent nutrition; gr

Learning How to Cook Salmon Fillets

While most people who cook salmon regularly would suggest grilling as the only option for cooking salmon steaks, how to cook salmon fillets is a little more open to preference. What is most important

Grilled Salmon Recipes For Your Family to Enjoy

Whether you are in the mood for salads or a main course there is a grilled salmon recipe to suit your palate, day or night. Grilled Salmon is a healthy and delicious addition to any recipe, especially

Convenient Canned Seafood

I used to be jealous of that small percentage of Americans living in Alaska.?It wasn't the extravagant landscapes of glacial peaks and noble forests that I envied; it was the perpetual availability of

Ecologically Responsible Cooking

We know that our actions have an impact on our environment, from driving a car to buying groceries. Our individual impact in causing greenhouse gases is called our carbon footprint, and the overall a

Tips For Quick Cooking

Sometimes we have plenty of time, but there are also days where we don't have a clue when we should still prepare a meal. These days when you come home in the afternoon, then you rush through the supe
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