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How to Cook With a Charcoal Grill

Reliable equipment and an appropriate fire are the basic needs for successful grilling. The tips outlined in the article below are suitable for gas or charcoal grills and include directions for both.S

Direct Grilling Tips

As the name suggests, direct grilling involves cooking food directly over a fire, usually three to six inches above the flame. This method is used to cook relatively small, thin, tender pieces of food

How to Get Smooth Icing on a Cake

Whether you make a simple boxed cake mix with canned frosting or bake a cake from scratch with elaborate decorations, the key to a beautiful, enticing cake is starting with smooth icing. But getting y

The Top Eleven Tips For the Best Barbecue Ribs You've Ever Had!

When I think of great barbecue ribs I'm thinking of "real" smoked barbecue. "Real" being the kind of ribs that have been rubbed down with spice and spent 3 or 4 hours on the smoker. You know... the ki

Using a Crockpot For the Best Kitchen Recipes

Crockpot cooking can be a great way to eat healthy, low fat meals that are relatively inexpensive, easy and take very little time to prepare. If you have ever cooked a meal in a crockpot, it is probab

Easy Cake Decorations For Elegant Cake Designs

Elegant cake designs don't have to be complicated. With a little bit of style or artistic flair, even easy cake decorations can be used to make elegant cake designs. These ideas use simple and inexpen

Pancake Traditions

Pancakes and pancake recipes are very popular in many countries of the world. You will find variations on the basic theme in many different countries cuisine, but they do tend to share some basic thin
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