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A Quick and Easy Way to Fillet Salmon

Salmon fillets are sections of salmon that have been separated from the ribs and the backbone, giving you two good portions of boneless meat. Fillets make for a great presentation at a dinner party an

Let Salmon Be Your Constant Health Companion

A lot of people think that any old kind of salmon is good for them, which is not exactly true: the good stuff is wild, and is almost exclusively from Alaska.?Wild Alaskan salmon has to be one of the m

Slicing and Dicing Salmon For Steaks

Salmon steaks are somewhat similar to fillets, however, fillets are actually cut lengthwise, between the meat and the bones and steaks are cut across the fish with bones included. They are great for m

Salmon is Versatile Enough to Rise to Any Culinary Challenge

There are just too many great properties to salmon, and that's why everybody throughout the country and world is craving salmon all the time. The popularity of this fish, available to us primarily th

Salmon is Great, in More Ways Than You're Aware Of

There are so many great ways to eat salmon that there's really no way to ever get bored of it. That, and the fact that salmon is tremendously healthy for our bodies (with a concentrated mix of protei

Let Salmon Help You at the Most Crucial Moments

There's every reason to be crazy about Alaskan salmon, the most important of which is that it is rich in many different kinds of nutrients.?Unlike farmed salmon, wild Alaskan salmon is extraordinarily

How Long to Cook Salmon

Cooking salmon is as easy or as complicated as you wish it to be. You can base it bourbon or dip it in a thai-ginger soy sauce, you can grill or bake it (though some adamant grillers would argue that
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