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Kean on Kenya Coffee!

Kenya Coffee has a distinct, full bodied flavor with little or no bitterness and a wonderful aroma. Today, Kenya is the 17th largest coffee producer in the world and the industry. This East African na

Why Shade Grown Coffee?

Why? Because you know that morning cup of coffee is going to be more full-bodied and flavorful! Because the shade grown beans that produced it were grown slowly, under lush tree canopies, giving them

Picking Out the Right Coffee Maker

Anybody who depends on coffee to get that early morning jolt would understand the perks of having a good and reliable coffee maker at home. Aside from saving you a trip to Starbucks or any other of yo

Are You Sure This is a Starbucks Espresso Machine?

At one look, it is a Starbucks espresso machine, no doubt about it. It has the company logo and is sold on the company website. But, no one has heard about them producing coffee or espresso makers bef

Penny Universities - The History of the Coffee House

There's nothing like stepping inside your favorite coffee shop. The delicious smell of coffee greets you at the door, baked goods float on the air, that sweet music tantalizes your ears, and all is su

Not Your Average Coffee Blend

Can you name every type of plant or flower? What about every type of tree? Of course not - there is a ridiculous number of species and within those species hundreds of different types, each having the

Lavazza BLUE Espresso Machines

Lavazza espresso machines are reinventing how we prepare and drink caffeinated beverages both at work and at home. Traditionally, coffee was always made in large quantities in a conventional drip coff
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