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Twenty Points About Chocolate

It is certainly the most popular confectionary flavour on the planet. We consume it with a passion, in extraordinary amounts but just how much do we know about Chocolate? Although one doesn't need to

Can I Make Chocolate?

Ever wondered how chocolate is made and whether you could ever learn to make it yourself? It is probably the secretly harboured fantasy of many a chocolate idolizer to be able to churn out trays of pe

Heart Healthy Benefits of Chocolate - Tips For Choosing Chocolate For Maximum Health

There's a lot of talk lately about chocolate, and the ways it might be a benefit - or detriment - to our health. Just how is chocolate good for us, and what kinds should we use?Cacao-derivative produc

Top 10 Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

Giving chocolate is almost as personal as giving jewelry.?You don't want to offend anyone by giving or not giving chocolate.?To help ensure that you don't end up in the dog house, we have developed a

Top Ten Things NOT to Include in a Chocolate Gift Basket

Through exhaustive and tireless research we have developed a list sure to help chocolate gift buyers the world over. All too often at Valentine's Day or other romantic events, countless men can be se

The Chocolate Candy Bar Cure For Your Heart

Not all the news about the things we love to eat and their effect on our health is bad, especially this study done at the University of California Health Sciences Center in San Francisco. California s

Revealing the Truth About Chocolate Myths

In ancient civilizations all throughout the Americas, the healers often used chocolate as a remedy and to address various health issues. But is has only been in the last few years that anyone in the W
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