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How is Hershey Chocolate Made?

The holidays are approaching quickly and one lingering question that might cross your mind is Hershey chocolate made? A Hershey chocolate bar starts its journey in the tropics where the cacao

Indulge Your Chocolate Fantasies With Raw Cacao

This guilt free raw cacao nibs superfood! All chocolate comes from the seeds or beans of the cacao fruit. raw cacao nibs (gently crushed beans) are the ideal way to satisfy your cravings and do your b

Belgian Chocolate - Handcrafted Sweet Perfection

How many times have you stared at those exquisitely crafted sea shells poking out from a box? The color, the shape and the details often make one wonder whether it is truly something edible or is it j

Gourmet Chocolates - Well Worth the Money

A connoisseur of wine does not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars for a vintage bottle. A connoisseur of fashion does not hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollar for a watch. So why would a

Indulge in Gourmet Chocolates

We all know, that everybody love chocolates. Chocolate is the voice of passion and love, whether it is the love of chocolate itself or as an expression of love for another human being. The way its tex

The Making of Chocolate From Start to Finish

Most of us love chocolate, and a fascinating fact is how chocolate is made. The process of making it, is a long drawn out one starting with the harvesting of cocoa beans which are taken from the cacao

The Power of Healthy Chocolate - Did Woody Allen Have it Right?

Was Woody Allen's look at healthy foods in the future in the movie Sleeper true? When the doctors who revive Woody's character, discuss the foods he eats, they are aghast at what was considered unheal
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