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Chocolates From Around the World

Chocolates from around the world vary in taste, flavor, and potency depending on their country of origin. Below are the top chocolates in the world, by country.Mexican chocolate
Mexico is the birth p

Cooking With Chocolate

Besides eating and drinking for pleasure, chocolate is also used for cooking and baking, although not all types of it are suitable for use in the kitchen. Some of the most delicious desserts in the wo

Exploring Different Chocolate Varieties

Chocolate comes in many forms and varieties. Making them involves a long refining process starting from the cacao beans harvested from the cacao tree to its fermentation, drying, roasting, and groundi

Dark Chocolates Good For Your Health?

You and I are among the million humans who adore this delectable food item, day in and day out. For some of us, eating chocolates, branded (Hershey's, M

A Love For Chocolate Cakes

Most of the time I bake cakes for birthdays only, but on occasion I'll make one just because. When it's one of our family member's birthday, they almost always request a chocolate cake. Here are my fa

Giving the Gift of Gourmet Chocolate is Akin to Saying I Love You

I have a confession, I'm a chocoholic, I freely admit it, I've loved chocolate all my life, and nothing you do or say is going to change my mind. Couple that with the fact chocolate contains vitamins

Mouth Watering Chocolate Covered Goji Berries For Christmas

Christmas is just round the corner and so many preparations have to be done. From decorations to gifts, everything has to be well arranged for so that there is nothing left for the last minute hassle.
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