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Gifting Sweets

"When it rains, it pours," so they say - and when it comes to looking for gifting solutions over the Internet, the options are anything but humble. What is interesting here is the nobility of the conc

My Journey to Find Vegan Milk

I've Been a vegan for three years now. And a vegetarian for most of my life. My Brother Ron helped me transition to vegan status. He began his vegetarian journey with my help years before, making the

Chocolate - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Part II)

In part one of our series on chocolate, we discussed some of the supposed benefits plus the importance that studies are conducted by non-biased parties. As we continue, we need to look at the supposed

Checking Out the Story of M


How to Control Cravings For Chocolate

Chocolate holds a powerful allure for so many of us, robbing us of the best of intentions to cut calories and control our weight. So how do we control cravings?Far more common in women (97%) than men

The Real Healthy Chocolate News

It?would appear that the dream of a chocolate that is truly potent with health enhancing properties, has finally been realised, and is set to arrive in the UK shortly. It has been scientifically teste

Find Why Chocolate is the Best Gift to Give to a Someone Special

Lets face it everybody loves chocolate! Children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, virtually everybody! No wonder why it is so popular. Chocolate is a symbol of love. Because love is sweet, a feeli
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