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Nothing Else Compares to Chocolate Chip Cookies

For a great majority of people, they have stored somewhere in their memory remembrances of their favorite foods, tastes, aromas and flavors from their childhood meal times and childhood treats. Just c

Can You Bake That Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Have you ever looked at all of those perfect pictures that show those flawless plates of chocolate chip cookies on the covers of magazines or in recipe books and eagerly went home to try your hand at

Your Chocolate Questions Answered

Oh, that melt in your mouth delicacy that people from all over the world enjoy. Its rich, creamy goodness is something that can lighten anyone's mood. For many years it was a sought after delicacy tha

Chocolate Love (You May Laugh)

Are chocolate lovers crazy? In my line of business I have encountered many people who just cannot get enough of it, and therefore would qualify for the title of "Crazy For Chocolate Person" (and I'm q

Healthy Or Not? - The Interesting Facts About Chocolate

Chocolates has been called the food of the devil, but the theological basis of this claim is clouded. As we know it today dates to the inspired addition of triglyceride cocoa butter by Swiss confectio

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

A bit of chocolate is good for the soul, and good for your body, too. In moderation, of course!The cacao bean, first cultivated and used by the Olmec people, who lived in the tropical lowlands of sout

Neuhaus Chocolates

Neuhaus Chocolates are a wonderful product. I recently was given a box of Neuhaus Chocolates as a gift for the holiday season and I must admit that they are wonderful to say the least. I wanted to ord
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