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5 Chocolate Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentines Day comes annually as do the decision we have to make with what to buy our partner. There are so many possibilities and thinking of something new is not always easy. Below 5 ideas of how yo

Valentines and Comparing Chocolate

Valentines Day brings thoughts of bouquets of flowers, special dinners and candy. Chocolate candy is nostalgic and a great way to say "I'm sorry", or "I love you." Which is the most popular chocolate?

Raw Chocolate - It's Good For You So Indulge!

Now, if you are a die-hard Hershey's fan, it might take some getting used to, but raw chocolate made from the cacao bean is delicious and really good for you too.Cacao is the seed of a fruit which gro

Anti-oxidant Chocolates and Their Utility

Since more than one billion people are lovers of chocolates, it is no wonder that large quantities of chocolates are manufactured every day. More than 50% of the total population of the world loves ch

Healthy Chocolates and Their Uses

Why do we need to eat healthy chocolates? The main reason might be that we want ourselves to be more healthy and fit. Nobody wants to fall sick and it is painful even to see patient suffering from chr

Dark Chocolates and Their Uses

There have been numerous questions as regards the dark chocolates and their health benefits. Scientists from the time of their invention have been doing researches to find out whether dark chocolates

Cookies of the Soul - Mint Chocolate Kisses and the Pirate's Slave

Such fear she had never know....trapped on the edge of a slow burning night. A night that had no end. One minute felt like two hours. The candle had barely burned. In this dark corner she hid, behind
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