5.0 01 American cuisine is not exactly a cuisine famous for its gourmet notes, but it has undoubtedly been introduced in all parts of the world with its most popular recipes. For that reason today we want to show you the 13 best recipes of American dishes, which you willRead More →

5.0 01 How to Make Salad Safe (If Not Low-Calorie) By:  Robert Rister The question often is, “If I don’t have time to buy and cook vegetables, what’s wrong with picking up something at the deli?” The two most commonly consumed deli salads in the United States are coleslaw (cabbageRead More →

5.0 02 Lasagna – Easy Flavor at a Cheap Price By:  Jacqui S Q Almost everyone I know likes lasagna. I think it is a popular food item for several reasons. Most folks like pasta in general; and when you add ground beef and a tomato or marinara sauce andRead More →

5.0 01 Tips in Preparing Potatoes For Salads By:  David Urmann For most people, potato salads are favorite side dishes. There are many potato lovers out there. They continually find ways to invent new dishes for potatoes. There so many recipes you can get about potato salads. However, there areRead More →

5.0 01 Quick and Easy Pizza Recipes By:  Treymane Smith Who has not eaten a pizza? Living in the US, you surely have but did you ever wonder how it is made? Well there are quick and easy recipes that you can make. The only way you can do itRead More →

5.0 02 Healthy Chocolates and Their Uses By:  Garret Lloyd Why do we need to eat healthy chocolates? The main reason might be that we want ourselves to be more healthy and fit. Nobody wants to fall sick and it is painful even to see patient suffering from chronic heartRead More →

5.0 01 Orange Buttermilk Pie By:  Linda Carol Wilson Many people are very fond of buttermilk pie. This creamy pie concoction, is often the best-selling dessert in some of the nicer restaurants and many tea rooms. If you want to give your buttermilk pie a different flavor, try this recipeRead More →

5.0 01 Diabetic Treats For Chocolate Lovers By:  Linda Carol Wilson One of the most dreaded things about learning one is diabetic is the idea of giving up sweets, especially wonderful chocolate sweets for us chocoholics! But giving up sweets is not necessary. Here are some great chocolate desserts especiallyRead More →

5.0 01 Fresh Home Cured Olives Being from a Greek family and my wife’s step father being Italian we both enjoy some good olives when we can find them. Usually we like those that are still in the brine and not so much the ones that you purchase in theRead More →

5.0 01 A Traditional Polenta Recipe Straight From Italy By:  Andrew J Smith Polenta and Gnocchi are the most popular staples in the mountain regions of the Veneto. Our home is near Vicenza, in the heart of Veneto Italy, and here polenta is even eaten for breakfast, served in aRead More →

5.0 01 Dark Chocolates and Their Uses By:  Garret Lloyd There have been numerous questions as regards the dark chocolates and their health benefits. Scientists from the time of their invention have been doing researches to find out whether dark chocolates are really beneficial for the human body or not.Read More →

5.0 01 The Incredible Hulk Smoothie By:  S. Jill Anderson Every mom who has ever tried to “clean up” their family’s diet by adding more vegetables has been faced with this dilemma. How do I get them to eat something really healthful like spinach when they wrinkle their noses andRead More →

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5.0 01 How Long to Cook Salmon By:  Allie Moxley Cooking salmon is as easy or as complicated as you wish it to be. You can base it bourbon or dip it in a thai-ginger soy sauce, you can grill or bake it (though some adamant grillers would argue thatRead More →